Friday, May 11, 2012

Dazed and Patriotic

On the trip to Disney last month we picked up a rock station in SC.  It was the usual classic rock kind of station in its play list but was quite different from what I'm used to in the Mid-Atlantic where I live.

SC is heavily dependent on federal government spending, as are many of the most anti-federal government states.  Among that spending that keeps SC afloat is a lot of military spending, so much so that the state has a web site listing them and hotels nearby.

That makes for a strange targeting in a rock radio station.  I know rock long ago became a corporate operation, but a pro-military operation?  This station all but played the national anthem at each commercial break.  Kind of funny, considering how many early rock, and especially classic rock, songs are anti-war anthems.

Then again, our local classic rock station in Baltimore has been getting more Know Nothing in its orientation.  Some of that is the ads of Fox45, the Sinclair Broadcasting Know Nothing pandering station, but its also sympathetic interviews with the Fox45 anchors and comments by the morning guy. 

So much for rock and roll rebellion.  More like rock and roll reactionary.

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