Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All Human Ills

I have a theory.  It's a theory I've espoused for many years.  My wife has occasionaly tried to disabuse me of the flawlessness of the theory, but so far I'm finding there is no flaw.

Here it is.  All human ills that are not caused by natural phenomenon (earthquakes, hurricanes, etc) are due to either laziness, stupidity, or both.  Hell, even some of the ills associated with natural phenomenon fit, such as building a city below sea level in a hurricane prone area.

But try applying the theory to anything that comes across your path personally or in the news.  Somoene shoots someone else over a drug dispute?  Stupid.  Shooting isn't going to resolve the problem, just spiral it further.  It's also lazy because the disputants fail to take other means to resolve their dispute.  Or, more broadly, it's stupid because it's a product of making drugs illegal rather than regulated.

Someone cuts you off in traffic?  Too lazy to look in their mirrors or too stupid to double check.  My favorite, of course, is all the lazy bastards out there who don't use turn signals.  I've posted before about the prevalence of this with luxury car drivers, but it's not limited to them.

So, go ahead and apply the theory to your life.  Laziness and stupidity are the banes of our existence.  Recognition of that is the first step in endeavoring not to be one of the perpetrators.

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