Friday, May 25, 2012

A Change for the Worse

No, this isn't some right wing attempt at cleverness about hope and change.

As most who know me are aware, I spend a lot of time at dance related things with my daughter.  Spring is competition season for her studio, so T Unit (as the team is called) has several weekends of naught but competition.  The last one was this past weekend in Towson, which was a lot closer than the one two weeks prior in Huntingtown.

Anyway, dances run the gamut from classical to current pop in the accompanying music.  Unfortunately, when the music is announced with the dance, all too often I get my hopes up that it's a song I like, only to be disappointed.  Who knew there were so many covers of famous songs?

The most disappointing this weekend was Seven Nation Army.  This White Stripes song, probably the band's best known song, is one of my favorites.  But when the song started playing there was no driving drum beat by Meg White or Jack White's powerful vocals.  Instead it was a slower, tamer version sung by some woman whose voice I didn't know.

That was even worse than all the lyrical dance numbers that take already slow songs and use cover versions that make them even slower and more depressing.

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