Friday, May 18, 2012

Animal Rights Blindness

I think I've mentioned on other posts that I catch the Ellen Degeners show on Mondays because my daughter likes it and has it on when I'm working out.  Well, as long as she has her homework done.  I've also mentioned some of the goofy things that come out of the show, and Ellen in particular.  Recently, there was another.

Ellen was quite upset that people in areas hit by disaster weren't allowed to bring their dogs to the shelters.  This is a travesty, I guess, because people and their "animal companions" should not have to be separated in such trying times. 

As though everyone can be around dogs.  Cats, for that matter.  There are plenty of people with allergies to the animals and still others who just are afraid or uncomfortable with them.  On top of that, from what I've seen of how people don't train their pets, there's not a chance in hell I'd want to be in a shelter where people are allowed to bring their pets.  It'd be bad enough if I had to put up with their untrained kids.  No need to inflict dogs and cats on me too.

There's a lot of this sort of thing with the animal rights crowd.  They believe that animals are equivalent to humans.  They have the same worth so they should be treated equally.  They can believe that if they like, but there's no way you can convince me a cat or dog is equivalent to a human.  You might have some luck with higher primates, sea mammals, and maybe even crows and ravens, but pets?  Nah.  They may be lovable, but that doesn't make them the same as humans.  Inanimate objects can be lovable.  They're not the same as humans, either.

Seems to me the solution for this is that the animal rights crowd goes into disaster areas and provides shelters for pets somewhere near where the people shelters are.  Then the owners can spend time with the pets while not causing problems for the humans who are their actual equals. 

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