Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best Game Ever

I was originally going to post on Mitt Romney's big problem today but I'm pushing that off a day because something more important happened on Mother's Day.

Manchester United failed to capture yet another English Premier League title.  Boo-hoo.  I'm a consistent anti-Man U man when it comes to EPL.  Rooting for Man U is like rooting for the Yankees.  Of course, rooting for Manchester City, who did win the title, is like rooting for the Red Sox, but that's better than the Yankees.

Here's the final standings for the league: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/tables/_/league/eng.1/barclays-premier-league?cc=5901

But the game that won it.  Oh, the game that won it.  Man U played Sunderland at the same time Man City played Queens Park Rangers.  Man U won its game 1-0.  By that point City was down 2-1 to QPR.  The game started the scoring with City up 1-0 after the first half, but QPR scored on a terrible header by a City defender that gave the QPR striker a wide open shot at the net.  A tie would be a win for Man U, so City had to score again to win the title.

QPR's Joey Barton did his best to help City, too.  He threw an elbow and Carlos Tevez and was tossed with a red card, then kneed Tevez in the back as he was leaving the field.  City was pumped after that and kept the pressure on, but it was QPR, who were fighting not to be relegated, who took advantage.  QPR scored a second goal while short haned.

By the 90th minute it remained 2-1 QPR with 5 minutes of stoppage time to be played.  And that's when City came alive.  Unbelievably City scored 2 goals in the stoppage time.  The second came with time nearly out altogether.

I'm an Arsenal fan (finished third), but it was nice to see City win the title for the first time in 44 years.  It was even nicer to see Man U not win the title, made all the sweeter by their expectation that they had it in the bag with their 1-0 win and City being down 2-1 at the end of 90.  It was a hell of a finish.  And, as a bonus, QPR didn't get relegated even though they lost.  I love that team's name.

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