Friday, March 23, 2012

Unintened Consequences

VW has been running this 2012 Tiguan commercial since somewhere around the Super Bowl. You know the one. The mom's riding around doing errands in the tuner car with no trunk space due to speaker consumption while her daughter's out with her boyfriend in the Tiguan. When they switch cars and the boyfriend asks why the girl's mom always makes them take her Tiguan, the presumptive lesson is that the Tiguan is safer than the tuner.

Here's the lesson I'm getting out of it. There's nowhere near enough room in the tuner for the daughter to be having sex with her boyfriend. That damn thing's tiny and full of electronics. The Tiguan's nice and roomy. Mom's fostering a healthy sexual envirnoment for daughter so there aren't any cramped car injuries. Either that or mom just gets off on the smell left in her car after daughter and boyfriend are done. Not sure which is funnier.

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