Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Planning Ahead

In the living room at my house there are a pair of matching 8x10 pictures. One has Karen and Katya while the other has me and Hob. They're about 10 years old, so Hob's about 2. In those days he didn't like getting his picture taken, to the point of crying about it. He did like hanging out with me, so I'm in the picture. We did the Karen and Katya one to balance it out.

In the picture Hob's still roly-poly. It's a casual picture, with both of us in T-shirts and shorts. He's sitting on my lap facing me as I sit on the floor. He's playing with my necklace. He still looks distrustingly toward the camera, even though he's a bit happier now that I'm in the picture with him. It's quite cute.

In recent weeks Karen commented to Katya how cute the picture is and that it's one of her favorites of Hob. Katya concurred and took it one step further. "If Robbie (everyone else in the family calls him Robbie) dies before I do, I'm going to have that picture in the collage at his funeral."

Nice to see she's planning ahead.

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