Monday, June 18, 2012

Poor Driving Assumptions

A few days ago I was heading home after work.  I was on Church Rd in Owings Mills.  In fact, it was Tuesday when we had the monsoon weather.

Anyway, I'm behind a large red pickup truck that belongs to Kinsley Construction.  It's poking along on Church, which is to be expected to some extent because of speed humps that make you slow down to 25 mph on a road that's posted for 30 mph.  Crappy construction of the humps, that.

But the driver of this truck has to know I'm behind him.  I have my headlights on and have been behind him for a good quarter mile or so.  In fact, he passed me as I waited to turn right behind him.  Nonetheless, as we near Delight Rd he puts on a left turn signal and crosses the center line toward the driveway to a residence, right at one of the speed humps.  Naturally, I figure he's turning into the driveway.  And he is.  Sort of.  But instead of pulling head in to the driveway, he wants to back in.  So, he crosses the center line and then starts to swing back into my lane as I'm continuing past him.  The son of a bitch nearly hits me right on my driver's door, but apparently notices me just in time and stops.

What kind of moron assumes that traffic behind him is going to a) know that he's making this kind of maneuver when he just has a left turn signal on, and b) doesn't stop once he's crossed the center line to make sure the traffic behind him has stopped to allow him to complete the maneuver.  No doubt he would have been incredulous and thought I was at fault if he had hit me.  Probably would have claimed I tried to pass him illegally on the right, even though that's an impossibility with the woods right up on the road.

Par for the course in that area, though.  I'm constantly having people pull out from the stop sign on Delight into my path on Church, even though I'm clearly coming right toward them and don't have a turn signal on to turn onto Delight.  It's a breeding ground for stupid driving right there.

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