Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I've heard more than a few people complain about the lack of restaurants in Reisterstown and Owings Mills on Reisterstown Rd.  Too many auto parts stores and nothing to do.  This amuses me because it sounds like they want to live in a city where there's a vibrant night life.  Of course, they're afraid to live in Baltimore, so that's out.

When you press on it, what they want are more chain restaurants, though.  Not McDonalds or BK, which are already present.  They want Panera and the like.  As it is, Owings Mills has Outback, Bone Fish, Red Robin, Don Pablo, Green Turtle, Five Guys, and is almost certainly going to have several more in the Owings Mills Mall redevelopment and the development of the Owings Mills Metro stop, where there are seven liquor licenses. 

I fail to see what is so appealing about more chains.  It's like a parochialism.  Eldersburg has a Panera, so Owings Mills must have one, too.  Why?  It's just an over priced sandwich shop.

What Reisterstown does have are The Grille at Harryman House, Tonino's, The Cow, Java Mama, and other locally owned restaurants.  Owings Mills has some of its own local places, too.  That's what I like to see.  Not a homoginzation but an individualization.

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