Thursday, June 21, 2012

Physics and Childhood

I've read about the over schedulers of the world, and sometimes I feel like I've become one with the dance activities for my daughter, but I've really run into one now.

A friend of my daughter goes to the same dance studio and is on the competition team.  She also has been doing cheerleading, lacrosse, field hockey, GT class work, and on and on.  Every thing that comes across her path that she finds interesting she wants to do.  And her parents go right along with that. 

The thing is, there's only so much time in a day and only so many places you can be at one time.  In fact, it's 24 hours in a day and only one place that you can be at a given time.  This is causing conflicts with the various activities, and the mom wants to try to get the activities to tailor a schedule to the daughter can do everything.  But you can't.  The space time continuum will win on this everytime.

What needs to be done is the making of decisions.  Choices have to be made.  "If I'm going to do X, I can't do Y."

We started on that a long time ago.  Katya was limited in the number of dance classes she could take, especially if she wanted to do something else, like soccer or Girl Scouts.  Over the years she's decided dance is her favorite, and she now takes a lot of dance classes.  But, she's not doing anything else, either.

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