Friday, June 22, 2012

Making Decisions

Yesterday I touched on the problem of parents making decisions, and teaching their kids the same.  Seems like more than a few kids are led down the path of "I can do it all", which is far from the truth. 

It reminded me of how hard it is for decisions to be made in work places.  Small businesses are less likely to have this problem, especially if they're so small as to be run by one person, but in a big business like the one I work in, making a decision is a lost skill.

Nothing can be decided of any significance, and what's significant keeps getting smaller and smaller, without three levels of discussion, if not more.  And that's just on a simple claim.  Don't let there need to be a decision on something broader, like the generality of how to structure the claim handling.  That takes years of committees and pilot programs.  And the end result is what you'd expect from that many cooks in the soup.  All very frustrating.

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