Tuesday, April 24, 2012

South of the Border Trash

One of the most notable things on the trip to Disney was the entrance to South Carolina. Your impression of South Carolina would be vastly different, depending on whether you were entering from the north or the south.

Heading south into South Carolina from North Carolina the first thing you see is South of the Border. This, for those not from the east, is a notorious tacky stop on I95. It's huge. It has a faux Mexico theme with a caricature mascot named Pedro. It glows like it has a half life of a millenia.

In the other side, heading north into South Carolina from Georgia, it's a whole other world. There's a stately sign featuring the palmetto tree. It looks high class, like entering a gated community.

Maybe it's the influence of Savannah, just across the border, or that Charleston is just up the road and to the east, but the entry to South Carolina when headed north is making the state look like a place you want to be. Headed south, it looks like someplace you want to get through as soon as possible. Then again, that was reinforced by the sewage treatment plant on the south bound trip, too.

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