Wednesday, April 25, 2012

British Invasion

Obviously the pound is doing well against the dollar.

When we went to Disney four years ago the place was swimming in Bostonians. You could tell because there must be some sort of law in Massachusetts that requires its denizens to wear Red Sox gear whenever they leave the commonwealth. Part of that was due to the timing of our trip. We went at spring break, which in Baltimore County is always the week prior to Easter. Massachusetts had Patriot Day fall around the same time that year so they were off for that week, too.

This year our trip to Disney was also during spring break but Boston was not so heavily represented. This time it was citizens of the UK. They were a bit harder to spot, what with not wearing Union Jack shirts everywhere they went, but the English and Scottish accents were easy to notice.

My pasty cousins were far from home but the cost was easily manageable with an exchange rate that required only 62 pence to a dollar. Surprisingly, I didn't see many sunburred cousins. Other times I've seen the folks of my ancestral home in sunny climes they've been red as a beet all too often for their health.

With this kind of exchange rate, I should ge my salary paid in pounds sterling.

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