Thursday, April 26, 2012

Red Head Invasion

Aside from all the Brits at Disney there were a lot of red heads. Anyone who knows me knows I'm one of that clan, too. Kinda hard to miss, even with the shaved head.

Anyway, that was something I hadn't expected. I've read over the years how our numbers are declining. Red heads are a recessive trait in the genes. Our widening of our breeding pool means its more likely to stay a recessive and not result in kids with red hair. There's more of me and my wife, with our disparate genetic histories, than Ron Howard and his wife, who are both red heads.

But there were a lot of us at Disney. Mostly un-sunburned, too. That's one of the primar reasons I'm glad my kids aren't red heads. They don't get the easy sun burning that comes with it. With Spring here and Summer hard on its heals, I'm in the time where I calculate my outdoor activities with a mind toward how much time I'll have to spend in direct sun. Well, not right now, as I write this. It's 40 degrees and raining, but a week ago it was 90 degrees and sunny.

Is it a short enough exposure that no hat is needed? Do I need a hat? Do I need sun block? Aside from liking the look, one of the reasons I shaved my head was that I could apply sun block to my noggin' more easily. Towards the front of my head the hair was thin enough that I could get a sun burn but have a hard time getting the sun block in there. No hair resolves that but leaves the whole of the top of my head exposed for sun burn easily if I don't have block or a hat on.

So, good job read heads at Disney. No one of us appeared to be working on a melanoma harvest.

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